Mining Cryptocoin

I have recently started to play about with cryptocurrency many of you will know about cryptocurrency after all the bitcoin stuff. I started to research currency after hearing some people taking about it.

After perfoming some research I decided that bitcoin mining was a waste of time as the amount of coin I would get wasn't that good for the amount of power needed. So decided to mine litecoin as it seemed the best at the time and as I

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Node.JS Project Jade Replacement express3-handlebars

I have found and implemented a change in my realtime monitoring project it now uses express3-hadlebars which give a more conventional templating structure and works well with plain html. So far I have it setup as shown in their git with a few extras added like

So far it seems to be going well and I don't seem to be having any issues. To replace jade it was very easy some might say it's too easy.


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Node.js + Express + Jade First Project

I am curently working on my first project using node.js, express and jade. I have writen simple node.js applications before but with a recent change in my server infastructure want a way to monitor them. I plan to use with the above software to build a realtime server monitor.


As I have had experience in using node.js and javascript I have had no issues with this as it is all very similar it's

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I am back with ghost!

After having time away from the bloging scene I am back as I now actualy have things worth saying and showing. I will be using this blog for tutorials, updates and general content I want to talk about.

I will be including a photos section where you can browse some of by best photos and hopefuly linking it up with a billing system to give you chance to purchase them.

I will also be hopefully using my billing system to

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